We`ll start with an idea of the type of thing we`ve been doing for the last few years.

Five full days of environmental education sessions run by Paul, our  fully qualified, experienced session leader with the constant and enthusiastic help of Phil and Mark. Sessions have included, small mammal I.D, guided bat walks (with some very impressive results), bug and insect I.d.Bug/small mammal environment workshops (bug hotels etc), river dipping sessions with invertebrate I.D,  Willow tunnels, pyrography,bird and bat box making, various forms of den building, including one with a reciprocating roof which is still up 4 years later, and loads more. Last years sessions of mimi junk raft building on the river went down really well.

Paul`s facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/GreenmanEnvironmentalEducation?ref=ts&fref=ts


Paul, our environmental ed session leader and a willow tunnel.

  There is always a strong theatre presence led by Helen, who has done this with majical youth for years. This varies between play for the day with younger kids to more organised pieces involving the older kids. We run this from a 25 foot circus marquee packed to the gills with dressing up clothes and costumes.


We always have a good circus area, which has included many different groups and individuals over the years. We have fire circus workshops and acrobatics amongst other things, not just a selection of plates and diablo on the grass. We run this from our 35 foot circus marquee. The 2012 fire show was, in many peoples opinion the best we have had yet.

Circus practise.

Crafts. We`ve had the most wonderful craft sessions in the last few years. Our new craft queens Mima and Mary are ready to roll again with some willing helpers. The craft tent runs all week from one of our giant marquees.


Our giant craft marquee.

Last year our good friend Bruno ran a full week of animation workshop sessions culminating in a slide show at the end of the camp. They were truly brilliant,a fantastic collective effort from many kids and adults.

For the last 3 years Jonathan and Annika Brown have been busy doing loads of things, including evening performances of theatre and song, drama and creative writing workshops, all sorts of things.

We`ve had a grand finale from our good friend Nik Turner (ex of Hawkwind) a couple of years. A big thanks to Nik and the band. We will continue with the evening themes in 2013.

Nik Turner in the party barn 2011.

  Our good friends Scylla and Bob have provided ambient soundscapes on large projector screens to accompany the fire shows and in 2011 did a surround soundscape in a yurt which was quite wonderful.

We`ve also had many nature based spiritual sessions from the twins Hannah and Emma. These have all been aimed at kids and adults of all ages and are based on varied traditions from around the world.


One of  the morning ceremonies.

  We have vegetarian food available throughout the camp at very reasonable prices. Last year we were charging  £3/£3.50 for an adult meal and  £2/£2.50 for a kids meal. Food will be available again this year.

We also have the rides and attractions that come with majical youth, the trampolines, victorian swingboats. We`ve had the climbing wall for the last 2 years but it may have to go this year as it`s not paying it`s way. The mini double decker bus will be giving rides around the farm and of course the play area with the big wooden pirate ship.


The Double Decker.

Theatre Tent.

Victorian Swingboats.

Fire Circus.

  Other sessions have included, amongst many others :- Willow workshops, bread oven making, pottery making, firing and kiln building, sessions for teenagers in film and music and saturday night talent contests in the party barn, aikido training with certification, the list is endless. A selection of websites can be found on the links page.



WEHEC 2015. 31st August to 6th September.

Ticket Prices..........

£150 Low waged family ticket.
£250 Standard family ticket.
£350 High earner family ticket.

We do not pry into your financial affairs and leave it up to you to decide what you pay. Please take a look at our ethos page to see where your money goes.

Booking is available with various payment methods on the booking page.

The event has a strict limit of 85 families for summer and 60 for spring and we are liable to sell out quickly this year so please register early to avoid disappointment.

WEHEC 2. 29th April to 4th May.

Prices as per the main summer camp.

We will have our usual reasonably priced veggie food available at both camps.