The event has been running in one form or another for about 10 years now. We have swapped and changed our time of year but the week beginning on the August bank holiday is becoming a favourite.

The vegetable garden at Pengraig, where much of the food that we eat and serve, is grown.


Unlike a lot of other events we prefer to remain independently funded. This removes us from the ‘boom and bust’ of funding and the whim of paying top prices to people to run sessions.

We achieve this in  a number of ways. The core of majical youth have a massive resource of equipment, infrastructure and contacts within the world of kids entertainment. Added to this, we have the enthusiasm of a fairly large group of home educators nationwide. Between ourselves we work to provide the best possible week of sessions, rides and general fun and games that we can.

We all give our time for free, only taking expenses such as fuel money from the kitty. Once the expenses are paid to the farm for the event, anything left over is reinvested in the farm to ensure success for the future.

We occasionally pay session leaders and one off performers a token payment, but generally our sessions and events are run by friends and collegues whom we have known for years and who share our ethic.

It`s all too easy these days to organise a large commercial event, where people come through the gate, leave and we never see them again. We like to work on a different premise :-

To build a sustainable event which creates it`s own community independent of funding constraints.

We are having some success. The event is building a strong year round community of home educators and their supporters (with much help from facebook), as well as a good number of very happy participants each year.

The only downside to this is that we find it very difficult to publicise our events in advance. Every year new people come to the camp and are amazed at the amount we offer for the price, much of it not advertised on this website. This is because we are relying on the goodwill of a large number of people. They are giving their time and experience for next to nothing and we sometimes don`t know until a few weeks, or even days before we start, exactly who`s doing what.

If you want to know the kinds of things we have done in the last few years, look at the events  page.

We will as ever update the what`s on page with confirmed sessions and attractions as they become firm.









WEHEC 2015. 31st August to 6th September.

Ticket Prices..........

£150 Low waged family ticket.
£250 Standard family ticket.
£350 High earner family ticket.

We do not pry into your financial affairs and leave it up to you to decide what you pay. Please take a look at our ethos page to see where your money goes.

Booking is available with various payment methods on the booking page.

The event has a strict limit of 85 families for summer and 60 for spring and we are liable to sell out quickly this year so please register early to avoid disappointment.

WEHEC 2. 29th April to 4th May.

Prices as per the main summer camp.

We will have our usual reasonably priced veggie food available at both camps.